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7 Books About Microdosing and Psychedelic Therapy You Must Read

7 Books About Microdosing and Psychedelic Therapy You Must Read - Microcybin

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Microdosing mushrooms in Canada has evolved from a quaint curiosity into a field of major scientific research. Along with a growing additional mushroom dispensary network within reach of much of the country, microdosing psilocybin is becoming a popular choice among those who prefer to avoid conventional pharmaceuticals.

It’s never been easier to buy shrooms in Canada and give microdosing a try, which as a form of alternative therapy for conditions like depression and anxiety has been making headlines as of late.

Making Waves in the Medical Community

What’s important to note is that the current trend towards microdosing in Canada has little (or nothing) to do with the recreational use of psilocybin.  Increasingly, researchers are speaking with optimism and excitement about the potential for psychedelics to provide welcome relief where other conventional meds proved ineffective.

Particularly in the treatment of a long list of common psychological health conditions, psilocybin could play an invaluable role in the country’s future.

In the meantime, there’s never been a more opportune moment to get to know what the whole psilocybin craze is all about. Even if it is not something you have yet experimented with personally, you’ll be hearing a lot more about microdosing over the coming years.

For those with an interest in psilocybin or the potential benefits of psychedelics in general, the following books (all currently available on Amazon) come highly recommended:

A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life

Written by Ayelet Waldman, this fascinating read documents the personal experience of a mother who made a decision to start using LSD is near-undetectably small doses to bring her mood swings under control.  The book tracks the journey of the woman in question and provides a firsthand account of how psilocybin (and psychedelics in general) can make a real difference to severe and uncontrollable issues with mood stability. Importantly, she also includes details on how her daughter noticed a major improvement in her mother’s emotional state and wellbeing after using psychedelics, which are often frowned upon when used by or prescribed to parents.

The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys

This is more of your all-round introductory guide for anyone looking to experiment with psychedelics for the first time, who intends to do so for the right reasons. By this, we mean not simply looking to get as ‘high’ as possible as quickly as possible for the sheer heck of it. Dr. Fadiman’s book is credited with bringing the realities and potential applications of microdosing to a much broader audience of people than ever before – not just your stereotypical LSD user. It is a fascinating and in-depth read, which tells you practically everything you need to know about how to get started with microdosing safely. He also takes the time to address several longstanding myths about psychedelics, which is most instances should have been ousted decades ago.

The Secret Chief Revealed

An incredibly revealing account of one pioneering therapist who conducted a wide range of experiments using psychoactive drugs in the 70s, compiled on the basis of a series of interview transcripts. Myron J. Stolaroff’s book provides detailed insights into the important yet often controversial work of one Leo Zeff, who conducted a wide variety of experiments prior to the prohibition of psychedelics and after they became illegal. The information as to how his work was taken underground in the wake of prohibition is particularly interesting – as is the extent to which Leo Zeff left behind a remarkable legacy, after his death in 1988.

Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research

This is more of a formal account of one respected researcher’s experience with psychedelics, who was known in particular for studying the effects of psychedelics on patients who had lived through extreme trauma. In his book, Dr. Stanislav Grof documents the struggles and the treatment of his patients in often harrowing detail – some of whom have endured war, abuse and rape. He is one of a select few scientists credited with leading the charge for advanced research into the potential benefits of psychedelics in the treatment of a long list of psychological health issues. His work is considered just as important today as when it was first published over 40 years ago.

The Psychedelic Future of the Mind, by Thomas B. Roberts

Also well worth reading, this book takes a more frank and ‘to the point’ look at just how beneficial psychedelics have the potential to be, when consumed in moderation by adults in a good state of health. It’s less about treating or curing severe psychological health complaints, but focusing instead on how the careful dose of psychedelics can improve creativity, morality, spirituality and more.  Hence, the book is aimed more of those pursuing general personal improvement, as opposed to the alleviation of psychological health complaints.

LSD My Problem Child: Reflections on Sacred Drugs, Mysticism and Science

Last but not least, this book is an absolute must for anyone who has even the slightest interest in LSD. ‘LSD My Problem Child’ chronicles the life and achievements of the man who actually discovered LSD in his own words – Albert Hofmann. It takes a fascinating look back at how LSD came to be, along with the extent to which it was researched following its discovery and how this work paved the way for all modern research into psychedelics.

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Microdosing Guide

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Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

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