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Albino Avery Mushroom Microdosing

Albino Avery (Psilocybin)

A truly beautiful Psilocybe Cubensis Technology, a gentle but potent embrace that allows you to go within and heal. Open yourself to truth and introspection with this mushroom and energies will be cleared by what appears to us as a divine feminine spirit. The experience can be very emotional and therapeutic. This strain is beginner friendly.


Avery’s Albino are a true albino variety of the Cambodian strain. A group called Rare Breed Genetics isolated this strain and it was named after one of the group member’s daughters Avery. White Albino Avery also kicks in a little faster than other strains, so be ready for it.

Dosage Scale

Microdose: 125mg

Low Dose: 0.5-1.5g

Medium Dose: 2-3.5g

Full Dose: 3.5g+

Remember that this list is just a reference, and you’ll need to experiment to find the right dose for you. With Albino Avery’s, you’ll want to start low and go slow. That means you should take less than what you think you need. We recommend beginners try 0.5 to 1 gram for the first time. For experienced users we think that around 2 grams should be a good start.

What makes these mushrooms “Lab Grade”?

These mushrooms were grown by professional mycologists in a purpose built facility. The facility utilizes high end equipment to ensure high sterility throughout the growing process to produce fruits that are of exceptional quality. We achieve this through the use of multi tiered HEPA filtration systems, utilizing fluid dynamic mechanisms such as positive and negative pressure 24/7 and our fruiting rooms use hospital grade filtration systems. All contact work is done in front of large HEPA filtration flow hood that have a sterility rating of 99.97% to ensure what we produce is only the best quality magic mushrooms in the psychedelic industry. Our team of mycologists understands the importance of maintaining a high frequency in our fruiting rooms and grow using only the highest quality water and proprietary substrate mixes.

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