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Microcybin empowers thousands of professionals using the most advanced Formulas and Protocols in the Industry. Expand your online footprint by assisting your audiences to change their lives with the Future of Medicine.

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Adam Pike


Adam Pike is a multifaceted digital entrepreneur, sport and lifestyle coach, and podcast host hailing from Eastern Canada. With a large social media following gained from his appearance on Big Brother Canada in 2019, Adam continues to inspire and educate his audience on sport, nutrition, mindset, and the benefits of microdosing. With years of experience working with Microcybin, Adam’s personal growth and transformation is truly remarkable.

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“Since Microcybin has been introduced to my life I have not only evolved into a better man for myself, but every relationship in my life is thriving! These products haven’t only changed my mindset & physical being, but I am learning, growing & advancing at such an accelerated rate, sometimes it blows my mind the progress I’ve seen in myself, in such a short time frame. Microcybins changed my life!

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Biohacking Brittany


Brittany is a multi-talented digital content creator, holistic nutritionist, and podcast host on a mission to educate and inspire through her personal journey of ancestral and paleo nutrition, plant medicine, healthy detoxing, and holistic health.
As the host of the No. 1 Female Biohacking Podcast in the World, she goes beyond the surface level to bring you the latest and greatest in holistic nutrition, biohacking, longevity, sport, and lifestyle medicine, straight from the experts.
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“It’s really interesting to be in this space now and moving deeper into it because I think so many people are really turning to plant medicines for healing different issues or events they are going through”

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Michael Toru


Michael is a digital content creator who generates professional content through his photography and videography skills. He is also a practicing Yoga Teacher based in Victoria, BC, a loving Father and Holistic Health Educator.

Using his multi-disciplinary skillset, Michael has created a thriving small business around Authentic, Story-Driven Marketing for individuals and business alike.

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“Whether it’s creating a video, photography, painting, dancing, singing or whatever your chosen creative passion is, Microcybin can help enhance and hone your craft. It’s been an absolute life changer for me and this company”

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Sean Pearse


Sean Pearse is an entrepreneur and is a visionary in the world of embodied movement. He possesses a unique skill set that sets him apart from his peers, being a master teacher in inducing flow states through embodied movement, kettlebell juggling, and steel mace training.

Born and raised in Victoria, BC. His passion for movement started as a soccer player however his mind shifted towards a growing appreciation of holistic wellbeing .

Sean has discovered that microdosing allows him to tap into the body’s innate wisdom to an even greater extent, pushing his practice into new depths of expression and mastery.

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“I’ve been blessed to align with companies that share my values. Those values being creativity, ingenuity, movement, and authentic expression among others. Microdosing has been a game changer when it’s come to my own creative pursuits. My own movement practice thrives on creativity, novelty, and on creation via pioneering. Any product I consume from Microcybin opens the gates to more of these “

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