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Examining The Link Between LSD and Athletic Performance

Link Between LSD and Athletic Performance

In recent times, the usage of psychedelics to improve athletic performance has grown increasingly prevalent. In the athletics field, taking psychedelics, especially microdosing, is popular for improving cognitive function. However, is there a link between LSD and athletic performance? While there isn’t much direct research on LSD and physical performance enhancement, modern endurance athletes and historical precedents indicate that it is possible. This article will examine the link between LSD and athletic performance. Read on to find out more.

The Rise and Rise Of LSD


A psycholytic dose of LSD combines a powerful high dose and a microdose. While the purpose of microdosing is to ensure that the drug is consumed at levels that are unpleasant to the user, there is a notion of psycholytic dosing as well. However, many extreme athletes regard this sweet spot for psychedelic intake to be performance-enhancing, at least anecdotally.


There has been a massive increase in the usage of psychedelics for performance enhancement over the years as it is becoming increasingly fashionable. One of the few disadvantages that have been discovered is that it slightly elevates the body temperature. It’s not as harmful as caffeine, but there’s a difference. Athletes are more compelled to pay attention to their performance after microdosing on LSD.


Over the years, several pieces of evidence suggest that microdosing psychedelics for endurance sports may be beneficial for reasons other than increasing stamina via activating dopamine receptors. The same cognitive benefits that tech entrepreneurs claim can help an athlete stay focused under stress, especially during endurance sports like running, swimming, or cycling. While some find this evidence debatable, some athletes have concluded the benefits of LSD due to the benefits they claim to have derived from it.


While there is no direct research on the effects of psychedelics on endurance sports, there have been several studies on sports medicine study on exhaustion which helps to 

provide useful information. Several researchers concluded that the role of dopamine in amphetamine use, an increase in the central ratio of serotonin to dopamine, increases the development of weariness.


Psychedelic substances have had a significant and pervasive impact on mainstream society, and professional sports are no exception. Psychedelics provide a wide range of medicinal benefits that athletes can take advantage of right now. Still, they also have the potential to be used as “performance enhancers” uniquely.

How LSD Boosts Athletes’ Performance


Testimonies from several athletes and researchers have revealed that LSD plays an important role in boosting athletes’ performance. However, aside from full-fledged tripping while participating in sports, there’s also a compelling argument regarding the possible benefits of microdosing for professional athletes. Given the overwhelmingly good effects recorded by athletes microdosing LSD on focus, creativity, and energy, it’s easy to believe that microdosing magic mushrooms or LSD could benefit athletes. Indeed, as previously mentioned in this article, new research has demonstrated that microdosing LSD can be useful in treating pain. Given the amount of physical trauma many athletes endure, such drugs could help them recuperate off the field and improve their performance on it. Furthermore, substances like magic mushrooms and LSD’s propensity to cause neuroplastic alterations at full dosages bodes well for putative therapeutic pathways at microdose levels.


The impact of the psychedelic renaissance on different aspects of popular society is unquestionably fascinating, as researchers continue to uncover the myriad therapeutic benefits of this powerful medicine. Psychedelics have played and will likely continue to play an important part in professional sports and the performance of athletes. In addition, the resurgence of psychedelic science can considerably aid professional athletes in their rehabilitation and long-term health, even after they have retired from competitive sports. As the cultural taboo surrounding these drugs fades, it’s conceivable that today’s sports stars will tell more fascinating stories about psychedelics.


Notwithstanding what is applicable today, many athletes will continue to microdose LSD, which will inevitably lead to enhanced performance, as can be attested to by researchers and the many athletes who are already in the business of microdosing LSD to enhance their performance. However, we will continue to learn more about how LSD helps to improve athletes’ performance as more research is carried out in the coming years. One thing is certain, LSD for boosting athletes’ performance is here to stay.

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