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Microcybin Flow

Microdosing Guide

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Microcybin Flow brings on an energized flow state, not a stimulant, but opens the creative channels of the brain allowing you conquer the tasks that may stand in your way.

There are several differences between Psilocybin and LSD and that is why a different protocol is required for best practice.

We have created this guide to help better assist you in your relationship with microdosing the revolutionary third wave of LSD.

Day 1

Take a starter dose of 0.25ml under the tongue. All of our Microcybin Flow bottles contain a labelled volumetric dropper so that you can measure the dosage with precision whilst simultaneously reducing any need for fear or anxiety.

We recommend you have a precise idea of how the Microcybin Flow feels without ingesting any other supplements; which may alter your understanding of the dosage. Everything we consume has an effect on our physiology, which can make it difficult to gauge the effects and influence on our system as well as the clarity of the feedback being conveyed by the medicine. We highly recommend microdosing first thing in the morning fasted for these reasons.

We want to become aware and teach ourselves how things make us feel, when we do this on a consistent basis we begin to develop the skill of noticing subtle physiological changes internally. This is how we build the skill of microdosing so it works for us, instead of something just happening to us after we consume the medicine. Don’t worry you’ll learn to get really good at this.


(20 - 40 min later.)
By now you should start to feel the Microcybin Flow working. Take a few moment to gauge how you feel and connect with the subtle changes internally. Most people notice an improved sense of well-being, more energy, focus, positive mood and a flow of creativity.

This is due to improved communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the down-regulation of the Default Mode Network (The brain region responsible for habitual thought and action). The subtle shift in awareness should feel like a strength of about 5-10% in the background. This is a sub-perceptual dose, so even though you may feel it subtly it is working. What we are actually aiming for is a change in the plasticity of the brain.

When we consistently change the environment of the brain by improving communication, mood, focus, and creativity we induce neurogenesis; this allows us to re-pattern the brain to make these results permanent.

The Protocol


Note: Based on our internal research it is found to best take in the morning or early afternoon to prevent effects lasting into your sleep cycle.

Day 1 – Dose:
Take a starter dose of 0.25ml under the tongue, after 20-40 minutes gauge the effects and note tolerance.

Day 2 – Rest:
Do not dose, the afterglow effects of Day 1 LSD will still be present.
For maximum benefits we recommend taking one capsule of Receptor Cleanse on this day.

Day 3 – Rest:
Do not dose, this is your recovery day. These medicines are naturally anti-addictive as the body builds tolerance very rapidly, to avoid this we take rest days to reset and replenish the neurological receptors.
For maximum benefits we recommend taking one capsule of Receptor Cleanse on this day.

Day 4 – Dose:
We always start with a dose of 0.25mL of Microcybin Flow to gauge effects. On this next dosing day based on the first response you can add another 0.25mL if needed. This dose can be increased up to 1ml max. Typically only a dose from 0.25mL-0.5mL is required.

The Differences between Psilocybin and LSD

The Microcybin® Flow helps create a state of focus so you can retrain the brain to direct attention where you want.

The Microcybin® Flow is not adaptogenic like Psilocybin, so you will need to find the right dosing in the first week. As per the Microcybin® Flow Protocol dosing twice a week is all that is needed and following the protocol you will find a good balance after a couple weeks. The Microcybin® Flow creates similar effects to common ADHD medications and other stimulants without the negative side effects. It can be taken with food and creates a natural flow state for productivity throughout the day and then slowly down steps on the days off. After time this state of increased connectivity and focus is recognized as the natural state in the brain and new pathways of communication begin to open permanently.

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