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Microdosing Formulas


Microcybin® Microdosing Psilocybin has been proven to relieve symptoms of long-term drug resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD and a long list of other mental health conditions through therapeutic targets of the amygdala and select serotonin receptors; altering the maladaptive thought patterns that characterize mental illness. Changing the brains environment allows neural connections to rewire to a permanent normal functioning state,  stimulating  long-range connections the brain normally wouldn’t make. Once Microcybin® enters the body, the psilocybin is broken down into psilocin, a substance that acts like the neurotransmitter serotonin, which regulates mood.

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Microdosing Microcybin® psilocybin enhances cognitive fluency the brain, improves concentration and improved allocation and storage of memory, eliminating the need for ADHD medication and other habit-forming pharmaceutical “study” pills.


Microcybin® psilocybin is able to relax the constraints on brain function, ascribing cognition a more flexible quality, increasing pattern recognition, brain processing speed and algorithm creation. Improved speed response and adaptive learning are also results of microdosing psilocybin.


Microcybin® increases energy, work performance and productivity with quality ingredients Psilocybin and Lions Mane that synergistically work together to induce focus, pressure state multitasking and creative problem-solving. It has been used as a secret “limitless” tool in silicon Valley for years


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Microdosing Microcybin® Psilocybin enhances creativity and positive learning creating a “Flow” akin to synesthesia, a sensory effect in which a “sense” 

(auditory) stimulus always gets paired in the brain with another “sense”(visual) such as a sound or a colour. For example, hearing a colour or seeing a sound. A greater communication across the entire brain is the phenomenon of synaesthesia, but with Psilocybin it’s not simply a random system, but instead retains organizational features and balanced coherence


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Microdosing Microcybin® psilocybin boosts performance from the gym to game time, increasing motivation, inducing an optimal brain “flow” state and mind-muscle connection. Increasing energy and focus without the use of stimulants that can create a “crashing” effect after. 


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Microdosing low-dose psilocybin can enhance meditation techniques by improving sensory input, allowing the user to “observe” senses and thoughts, bypassing the (DMN) default mode network. Calming the system, mind and communication of the brain allowing for better practice of mindfulness and surrendering to past-future (time and space) thinking.

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