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Fun Activities to Do While Microdosing

Fun Activities to Do While Microdosing

Microdosing has plenty of wellness benefits that many people are increasingly tapping into. But that’s just one aspect of the fun of microdosing. There are a lot of fun activities you can do while microdosing, and in this article, we’ll be looking at them. Let’s get started!


Best Fun Things to Do While Microdosing

Take a Nap

For many people taking a nap is a blessing. You can drift off to a foreign location or sink into a pleasant pit of napping on your couch. The right microdosing might help you unwind and get some much-needed rest. If you find that microdosing a particular plant and sleeping are not a good combo for you, you can try to change what you are microdosing.


In deep, thoughtful stillness, microdosing can help you pour over your thoughts. While under the influence of microdosing, your perception of time is often altered, and for some, this lengthening of time makes it easier to think about whatever is on your mind, or perhaps nothing at all.

Listen to Music

Put on some good headphones and get into a comfortable chair to listen to a song or playlist that means something to you. Most people agree that listening to music while microdosing is a better experience. When you’re microdosing, the portion of your brain that connects concepts becomes activated, and music is full of metaphors and patterns.


If you don’t like having rules and teams in your physical activity, many types of exercise can be improved when you’re high. Jogging and yoga are two wonderful exercises to undertake while high. Patience and mental flexibility are required for each of these pursuits. While jogging along a trail, a pleasant microdosing experience can help you close your eyes and concentrate on thoughtfully completing your next position.

Play Video Games

As gaming and microdosing are becoming increasingly widespread, everyone is learning that microdosing and playing video games are a match made in heaven. It’s a lot of fun to play video games while microdosing. If you’re getting ready for a gaming night, we recommend playing with pals on the same sofa or across a network.


Exploration games are wonderful because your reaction time is reduced, but you might not be piling up as many professional headshots after a bong rip. The right amount of microdosing can put certain people in the zone.

Watch Your Favorite Movies

Watching a movie alone or with others can be substantially enhanced with the power of ganja if you choose the movie ahead of time. Bad action films are transformed into art pieces, and wacky old sci-fi is given an inventive twist, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Returning to your childhood and watching your favorite cartoons will also blow your mind.

Have High-End Conversations

When microdosing, the ancient art of a good debate may be energetic and beautiful. Be careful not to get off course if your enthusiasm for the subject reaches a tremendous pitch. Microdosing improves your ability to draw connections between things while dulling your sense of verbal memory, making it easy to forget what you were saying after going off on a tangent. On the other hand, a high-end conversation can be both entertaining and soothing. If you’re having a serious conversation with a friend, you should just be medicated so they can give you more concentrated criticism.

Participate In Sporting Activities

Some sports lend themselves to the relaxed atmosphere of a leisurely fun time. Ultimate and Disc Golf are traditional high-intensity sports but don’t overlook Kite Flying, Miniature Golf, and Kick Ball. Full-contact sports or activities that require split-second reaction time may be more challenging.

Play Board Games

With the help of microdosing, traditional games like Clue or Scrabble can take on a whole new meaning. Don’t bother about double-checking the regulations; have fun. If you’re a regular board gamer, checking out a new game may be fun, and the packaging and first play experience are greatly improved. Before you light up, make sure you read the rules. Here are a some of the finest stoned board games:


If you’re on recreational microdosing, you have more options. After a few puffs on a good glass hand pipe, the following activities are fun to do in addition to the preceding ones. In addition to the activities listed above, microdosing can be used to boost a variety of other interests and pursuits.

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