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Microcybin is not just a brand; we are an intelligent network of advanced humans sharing and learning at an exponential rate, integrating the processes and data into our company, protocols, systems and products. 

Our Protocols, formulas and systems are going to help develop the tools needed to build upon the layers of awareness to reprogram the subconscious and re-pattern the brain. There is no secondary system that can provide the synergistic process of human healing and advancement as Microcybin does. 

Through work over the following months with our formulas and guides you will come to a point where you will not seek expansion or medicines outside of your self and be able to do the work on your own. The medicines act as a tool for us to interact with and heal our programming and inability to use our natural human tools because of a lost signal in a cloud of noise. It is work and there are levels, we are here to be that bridge.


The processes below are part of an advanced system that was created to guide you into self empowerment, precision and excellence within your human experience. The more we become aware of the various processes of consciousness, the more we can direct how we use it and it unfolds. Becoming more of a participant in the experience, instead of always seeking endedness, chasing only feeling good or the next “best thing” we believe is good for us. It may not be easy to understand now, but it is possible to experience as you progress through the levels as many of our members have. We must go through the steps in order to build the nervous system of the mind in order to hold new ideas out of our current understanding. 

We have decided to share some of the advanced information so that you can start to learn pieces, question it and compare it to your own belief systems now. Exploring your emotions and triggers are a good way of directing attention to your current installed belief systems, allowing new data to surface later to give us a larger piece of the puzzle. 

*All information is free. How it is curated into precision and shared is important. 

But for now, if you’re new and have found your way here, start with the beginner protocols where we learn the basic tools in understanding the sensations of information that come to us through emotion, anxiety, depression and so on. 


ADVANCED PROTOCOLS | Learning & Systems

AWARENESS & ATTENTION | Taking Control of Your Tools

Where our attention goes, energy flows“. This is one of the most important skills to be come aware of beyond conceptualizing it. We do this by allowing ourselves to look at data to reinforce the belief that hosts that direction of thought, this forms a perception.  We can then imagine a belief is like a template that projects our attention out into our reality.  There, we loop certain aspects of our subconscious programming into creating events that project through the lens of our beliefs that give us the opportunity to adjust how we interact with them, and install new ones. Where we direct our attention is what we power. We want to use this attention to build the connection with the ‘The NETWORK” This is called ‘Building the bridge’.


Attention is the directed connection with the intelligence of the psilocybin. You create this through a protocol in the first week by introducing the awareness to the state change of the medicine within your system over a period of 5 days. 

THE NETWORK | Mycelium


Mycelium, the internet, nervous system, the brain, and the fascial system are all individual systems that work on different types of energetic sensory feedback and coalesce into types of data that we use as information. Without having to get too technical into these various systems, what do they all have in common. They are Networks of communication. Different types of communication for different levels of data, all in which support a singular focus of attention at any given time, yet all run on their own intelligence that we may or may not be aware of consciously or subconsciously. 



Mycelium is an Unpredictable Organic A.I. Super Computer. It’s able to adapt based on unpredictable feedback from the external world and adjust toward being the most efficient communication system needed to interact with it’s ever-changing environment. It’s networked design provides clear feedback through amplifying and connecting new channels of communication in our brain, while down regulating the channels that create noise. This is much the opposite of man-made computers, which are focused on logical mathematical linear prediction.





As we ad certain supplements in the formula of Microcybin we do so as providing the supercomputer with instructions to follow or data packages to focus a portion of the communication into particular areas. E.g. Lionsmane(Hericium Erinaceus) has organic information that instructs the brain to induce neurogenesis, this is where new patterns can be cultivated then integrated into the subconscious. 


NEUROPLASTICITY | Permanent Patterns 


Because the brain is “plastic”, when we start to change the environment of our brain and how we process and communicate information, this becomes a constant pattern the brain recognizes and it begins to rewire this way. We are able to use this opportunity to form new pathways that become permanent. We must also take caution when using medicines and how we process this data as old paradigms do not usually fit and can create a fracture of the rational mind. This is when we learn new data that competes with old belief systems and we have to form new ones through what we have just discovered. This is a natural process you do already, but it may be more challenging without the right knowledge. This is where people may get stuck in the addiction of healing through plant medicines without ever truly integrating. We are not here to just feel better, but understand the nuances of the human experience and be able to apply them to our own desires and life.



DEFAULT MODE NETWORK | Down-Regulating The Noise


The Default Mode Network is a portion of the brain that we tend to over self-program based on the inability to process sensations and emotional feedback from ourselves during events of past-traumas (fulfillment templates). We attach a type of program to the incomplete sensations in the form of a story which is reinforced by our internal belief systems. As we have multiple new events or triggers of these programs happen we are unable to bypass the Default Mode Network because it is too “Jammed” with noise. The Microcybin Formula down-regulates the over-programmed DMN and calms it so we can start to reprogram and process our sensory input in a producing way we can process outside of the event. This along with the neurogensis data package of the supplement allows us to reinforce new pathways towards these programs and because the brain and neuroplasticity we can create new patterns that become permanent. 



We change the environment of the brain for 4-5 hours a day, down-regulate the over programmed DMN and being to process patterns and reorganize them into the direction and awareness we desire. 






The Psilocybin induces advanced neuro-communication between the right and left hemispheres, allowing more connections and synergy to share the benefits of both working together. This allows a clear and synergistic transfer and processing of information. 


Adaptogenic Intelligence | Balance


Mycelium and Psilocybin is an adaptogenic intelligence that works to integrate and learn your system. Your state and chemical imbalance is different daily, 90% of your thoughts are the same programs as the day before and your patterns in the subconscious are hard programmed in. The Microcybin formula and its adaptogenic intelligence learns your system, integrates and provides clear feedback for you to process and balance. 

TYPES OF LEARNING | Linear & Extended



Let’s start off with the most commonly used type of learning and thinking. ‘Linear’… This represents a straight line or path in absorbing information through our 5 senses, then repeating it enough that is gets reinforced in our brain through pathways and we retain it well enough through study. We can then recall this information to use it when needed and apply it. This is a great tool and what we have been taught to use and what we rely on most of our lives. This can be merged with creative impulse to come up with some amazing human achievements.

 Extended Awareness


 We will just gently present this topic for now. These skill sets above become part of a multidimential awareness where we begin to take in different types of stimulus which translate to sensation and intuition. Multidimential data then can be hosted in a living space outside the mind called the ‘Super Conscious Mind’  

This can then be drawn to a focal point of attention to unfold as greater information. Emotion and Intuition represent translations of information from the Superconscious Mind which are then passed through our templates (perceptions & belief systems) translated into how we experience our reality.


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Microdosing Guide

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Essential Guide to Microdosing

Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

Essential Guide to Microdosing
Microdosing Guide

Download the

Essential Guide to Microdosing

Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

Essential Guide to Microdosing