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Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary: 10 Reasons to Use One

Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary - 10 Reasons to Use One - Microcybin

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Here’s why you need to use a shroom dispensary. Especially if you’re considering microdosing magic mushrooms- Canada and beyond.

So you’ve decided to take a closer look at what all this recent discussion regarding microdosing is about. After some careful consideration, bypassing other regimens like ketamine, MDMA, or LSD, you’ve settled on microdosing mushrooms. Mushrooms have been shown to improve a number of different cognitive functions and play a vital role in combating mental issues like depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Using psilocybin microdosing practices can offer a number of benefits, depending on what it is you’re looking for, how you use what you have, and where you get your mushrooms from. Here are ten reasons to consider microdosing mushrooms and  look toward a medicinal mushroom dispensary for your stash.

Why Use a Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary for Microdosing

Whether you’re looking for a truly one of a kind spiritual experience, feel as though traditional methods of mental health care have failed you, or you’re just looking for a simple boost- microdosing psilocybin could be a reasonable choice. If you have access to a medicinal mushroom dispensary, these are probably the best place to obtain your products, as growing at home or turning towards other, less regulated methods of consumption can come with their own set of stumbling blocks.

Some of which are less than fun to deal with. Always research the legalities of mushrooms, dispensaries, and possession in your particular area. It’s also important to discuss any changes to your medical regimen with your doctor. Consider pairing microdosing alongside your standard therapy, but make sure your mental health professional is aware of your desire to make the change. Also, pay close attention to how your body and mind respond to any substance or dose you may be taking.

Real Life Friendly

Because psilocybin has a gentler and less aggressive influence on your neurological system, it’s much easier to integrate into your everyday schedule. You can take it during the work week, or while you’re at school with no obvious psychedelic effects. This means that using capsules that have been extensively tested and expertly balanced can more easily fit into your everyday schedule.

Focus and Cognitive Flexibility

Numerous studies and tons of anecdotal self-reports have shown microdosing psilocybin to have a perceived improvement on feeling focused and energized. Researchers have found that microdosing positively influences two of our core thinking strategies, making it easier to work more efficiently and find solutions to problems, both at home and in the workplace.

More Scientific Evidence by the Day

Since 2017, scientific evidence has been mounting for the efficacy of microdosing psilocybin. As more and more reports are substantiated, the scientific community becomes more interested in furthering current research practices. As anti-mushroom laws begin to dissolve, it becomes easier to access and gain funding for this type of scientific inquiry- meaning we could be poised to see continued scientific development and research regarding microdosing.

Improve Mood and Motivation

For many, microdosing has helped to improve their mood, resulting in fewer depressive and anxious episodes; which understandably improves their base motivation. Being in a better mood and feeling ready to tackle your day can help improve performance in a number of ways. Creating a positive feedback cycle between mood, motivation, achievement and confidence.

Simple to Take

When choosing to use a medicinal mushroom dispensary for your microdosing needs, they often offer clients pre-dosed capsules. Which are all researched, dosed, and expertly engineered to ensure that you get just the right amount of psilocybin, from exactly the right sources. Helping to ensure not only the quality of the ingredients, but also the consistency of your treatment.

Continued Support

When choosing a medicinal mushroom dispensary, you’re also choosing continued support. From providing information on the substances that are offered, to user friendly microdosing guides, and the latest updates on legality and research information. So you are always in the know when it comes to the latest news and best ingredients.

Easier to Buy Shrooms

Canada offers some of the best online dispensaries to its citizens. This is largely because it is legal to dispense psilocybin to any Canadian who has a prescription, but private dispensation is mostly overlooked. Which creates a really supportive environment for both dispensaries and people who are looking into trying a microdosing schedule.

More Precise Microdosing

Any shroom dispensary worth their salt will consist of a large team of biochemists, botanists, pharmacologists, and any other number of scientists that have dedicated their lives to improve those of others. This means that any dispensary will offer the best possible combinations of psilocybin containing mushrooms, perfectly blended to create the exact dose that you need for the exact experience you want.

Guaranteed Magic

Mushrooms, Canada and elsewhere, all contain different levels of psilocybin, which can greatly alter the effect of any given mushroom. So choosing a dispensary whenever possible is a preferred method- unless you have a home testing lab. This way, dispensaries can guarantee that the capsules dispensed to you have specific amounts of specific shrooms, leading towards a more perfectly tailored experience.

Because You’re Interested

Honestly- the best reason to seek out a medicinal mushroom dispensary for the appropriate blend of psychedelics to microdose is because you’re interested in doing it. You’ve done your research, read all the information, thought critically about your choices, and have decided that microdosing sounds like it would be a good fit in your life. Microdosing psilocybin can greatly improve some individuals daily experience, and choosing to engage in the practice is a highly personal decision. It’s also one you should discuss with your regular doctor, as changing your medication regimen should always be discussed with a professional.

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Essential Guide to Microdosing
Microdosing Guide

Download the

Essential Guide to Microdosing

Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

Essential Guide to Microdosing