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Understanding the
Microcybin® Ecosystem

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We so often walk through life ignoring the pain or the feedback our body is signaling to us.

Our minds are so often in autopilot that we misinterpret our emotions and get stuck telling ourselves the same stories over and over leading to unconscious patterns becoming stored in our subconscious.

These unconscious patterns will always come to light through events and situations unfolding in our lives.

When they arise we may not understand why or how to trace them back to their origin.

We are experiencing the effects of the cause.

These medicines will soften the autopilot waking state, changing the way you interpret the feedback you receive from your body. When you can adjust the way you interpret the feedback, you will become less “re-act-ive” and have the opportunity to alter the course of your life.

Your First Month Microdosing

Within your first month microdosing it is important to stick to our protocol and to start with our flagship Microcybin Genesis formula. This formula was specially designed as the perfect introduction point to microdosing and the rest of our ecosystem.

Microcybin Genesis cleans and enhances the communication in the brain (with the support of Lion’s Mane), balances the mineralization of the body (with the support of Shilajit) and contains all the building blocks necessary to promote life-changing neuroplasticity.

We have assisted thousands of people through this transformational process and know for a fact that we can have the same impact on you.

Best Starter Microdose

Microcybin® Genesis

(51 Customer Reviews)

Microcybin® is the master key to a new realm of mental clarity and enhanced cognition. Meticulously crafted with premium Psilocybin and adaptogens, this product is designed to boost your creativity, enhance your focus, and elevate your mood. Whether you’re looking to increase your productivity at work, or simply want to experience life with a clearer mind, Microcybin® is your go-to solution. Embrace the power of nature and transform your life today.

Psilocybe Cubensis Genetic:  Golden Teacher
Introductory Dose:  1 Capsule Fasted (125mg)
Onset Of Effects:  20-40 minutes
Duration:  4-6 hours

It is important to take 2 consecutive rest days per week because the body builds tolerance rapidly to these medicines, making them quickly ineffective. 

For these rest days, we have also created a product called Receptor Cleanse to help replenish, reset and prepare the receptors for the following week. This also allows the microdosing afterglow effects to maintain across the days off and balance the brain over time for the microdosing to work more efficiently (up to 30%).

Please Note: If you are currently taking any anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication DO NOT use Receptor Cleanse. They can have negative interactions. 

Synergistic Supplement

Receptor Cleanse

(8 Customer Reviews)

Receptor cleanse is the perfect addition to any microdose regiment,  specifically formulated too flush, clean and replenish the receptors on days off and increase the efficiency of your microdose by up to 30%.

Usage Instructions: Only take on Rest Days
Introductory Dose: 1 Capsule Fasted

“Can’t say enough good about the regular Microcybin formula. The past 2 years l’ve been extremely negative about the world. The past week taking just one capsule per day my perspective has almost completely changed!

My wife’s ADHD/Anxiety and depression on the days that she has taken it is almost like they’re non existent which is crazy because she struggles on a daily basis.”


“Just wanted to let you know, I started Microcybin about three months ago because of Adam Pike! It took time to notice a difference.

But, wow! My anxiety has lowered, my happiness has multiplied, and I can just handle stress way better. I honestly feel like it is helping me multi-task and excel at work. I’m just so grateful I decided to try it out. Thank you so much!”


Understanding our Ecosystem

At Microcybin we have spent the last 6 years creating and fine-tuning a diverse range of products with your growth as the defining goal. Each ingredient interacts with your brain and body in a unique way, and each formula has been designed to overcome specific challenges or reach certain goals. Our ecosystem of formulas work together to unlock your ability to learn at an exponential rate and facilitate life-changing self-discovery.

Unlocking Neurogenesis

Optimized for Rebalancing & Performance

When you follow a consistent protocol over an extended period of time, the brains default state becomes one of more connectivity. The new firing neuronal connections created due to the increased neuroplasticity, sparks the growth of completely new neurons to help solidify and wire together the new pathways; effectively restructuring the brain permanently. This new growth and permanent rewiring is known as Neurogenesis.

A metaphor to explain:
If learning to ride a bike is neuroplasticity at play, “it’s like riding a bike, you never forget” is neurogenesis in action.

This also explains why the benefits gained from microdosing, such as increased focus and productivity, will often remain for years after you conclude your protocol.

Recommended Microdosing Experience : 1 Month with Microcybin Genesis

Microcybin® Pro


Microcybin® Flow



Microcybin® Sport


Subconsious Reprogramming

Optimized for emotional well-being

Microdosing with low doses of psilocybin has the potential to enhance meditation practices through improving sensory input. This enables individuals to effectively “observe” their senses and thoughts, bypassing the default mode network (DMN). The calming effect on the nervous system and improved communication within the brain fosters a conducive environment for the practice of mindfulness.

Additionally, this series of microdosing formulas facilitates a more profound engagement with the subconscious mind, aiding in the processing of emotions and allowing for a greater ability to overcome constant rumination on the past or incessant contemplation of what could happen in the future.

Recommended Microdosing Experience : 1 Month with Microcybin Genesis

Microcybin® Zen


Microcybin® Heal

Emotional Integration Microdose

Visionary Purpose

Optimized for Intuition, Creativity & Inspiration

Optimized for Creativity

As you begin to build a stronger relationship with the medicine you will continue tapping into the ever-deeper wellsprings of discovery and self-realization. Improved communication in the brain, along with the softening of old patterns controlled by the default mode network (DMN), empowers the mind to reach more profound levels of awareness. This transformative journey of microdosing will propel you into the realms of inspiration and creativity, unveiling the vast potential within. As this realization unfolds, allow intuition to guide your path forward.

Recommended Microdosing Experience : 3 Months with our other formulas


Microcybin® Jedi

Microcybin® Jedi is for the visionaries, and the thinkers who dare to see beyond the ordinary. This extraordinary formulation empowers you to tap into unparalleled levels of creativity, intuition, and mental clarity. Experience a heightened sense of awareness, unlock hidden potentials, and explore new layers of thought. With Microcybin® Jedi, the force is with you.

Psilocybe Cubensis Genetic: PE (2-3x more potent than alternatives)
Introductory Dose: 1 Capsule Fasted (100mg)
Onset Of Effects: 20-40 minutes
Duration: 4-6 hours

Want to find the perfect
protocol for you?

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Microdosing Guide

Download the

Essential Guide to Microdosing

Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

Essential Guide to Microdosing
Microdosing Guide

Download the

Essential Guide to Microdosing

Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

Essential Guide to Microdosing