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Microdosing Guide

Download the essential Guide to Microdosing in 2024

A must-read guide for anyone interested in microdosing.

Essential Guide to Microdosing

We have created this microdosing guide to help better assist you in your relationship with microdosing the revolutionary third wave of Psilocybin.

Day 1

Take one capsule on an empty stomach upon awakening. We recommend you have a precise idea of how the Microcybin® feels without ingesting any other supplements; which may alter your understanding of the dosage. Everything we consume has an effect on our physiology, which can make it difficult to gauge what is what outside of concepts we have heard about.

We want to teach ourselves how things make us feel, then remember that so we can create a skill. We want to build the skill of microdosing so it works for us, instead of something just happening when we take a capsule. Don’t worry you’ll learn to get really good at this.

(20 to 40 min later.)


By now you should start to feel the Microcybin® working. Gauge how you feel. Most people notice an improved sense of well-being, more energy, focus, positive mood and a flow of creativity. This is due to improved communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the Microcybin® effect on the 5-HT2A receptors.

Feeling the effect of this should represent a strength of about 5%-10% in the background. This is a sub-perceptual dose, so even though you may feel it subtly it is doing its work in the background. What we are actually aiming for is a change in the plasticity of the brain.

When we consistently change the environment of the brain by improving communication, mood, focus and creativity we induce neurogenesis; this allows us to re-pattern the brain to make these results permanent.

Finding the right Protocol.


The results from the last step will determine how we move forward. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the Microcybin® to build effect. From our experience this is due to the Microcybin® learning your system, cleaning out pathways and building a relationship with the body. Most people are able to gauge their dose in the first few days, don’t worry if it takes a bit longer, this is about consistency and rebuilding, not masking symptoms.

Booster Dose

After building a skill of microdosing on the recommended protocol, we can add a “Booster Dose” at the tail end of the Morning microdose. After 4 – 6 hours from the first dose we can take another capsule in the afternoon. 

This will work symbiotically with the original dose and extend the positive effects as needed. We recommend you only do this once or twice at most during the week, as we do not want to build up too much of tolerance and give the receptors time to refresh.

You’re all set

Ready To Go

These Protocols have been used and tested by Microcybin® for over 24 months and based on our formula, research and trials, this is the most effective way to create permanent results of neurogenesis in the brain.

The Microcybin® protocol can be done with substantial effects within a 6 -12 month period, after that continuation is optional if desired.

You’re all set


Medications and Interactions

Although there is limited research on the interactions of other medications we strongly suggest you refrain from mixing prescription medications, alcohol and especially medications that act on or work with the serotonin system.

Healthy Adults

This information is for responsible adults and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 19. Psilocybin works best with a developed adult brain. Please use your freedom to choose, responsibly.

Mental Conditions

Those individuals who are pre-disposed to psychosis should never try psilocybin, even in microdoses. Although it’s a revolutionary natural medicine, proper guidance and monitoring is strongly recommend by professional integration coaches and experts in a safe setting. It is highly likely these services will be available in the future by organizations that are monitored and governed by Health Canada.


The vast majority of people who microdose Psilocybin Mushrooms have no issues with their emotional state, psychological well-being and productivity at their home or office; most actually improve in all these areas substantially. Nevertheless, there are a few that report some irritability and an uncomfortable level of emotional release, although uncomfortable this is still a positive effect.
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Download the Essential Guide to Microdosing

Microdosing Guide
Essential Guide to Microdosing

Download the Essential Guide to Microdosing

A must read guide for anyone interested in microdosing.

Microdosing Guide
Essential Guide to Microdosing