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Microdosing in Canada: Are Magic Mushrooms Going Mainstream?

Are Magic Mushrooms Going Mainstream - Microcybin

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Microdosing has been growing steadily in popularity for some time. Adopted as a new lifestyle habit by millions, microdosing in Canada has fueled the growth of several major shroom dispensary networks.

It’s never been easier or safer to buy shrooms in Canada, which is precisely what more people than ever before are doing.

But to what extent (if any) is microdosing hot on the heels of cannabis? Could we ever be looking at a time where magic mushrooms in Canada are just as popular and widely used as weed? Or is microdosing psilocybin little more than a passing fad that will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs?

As with most things, the answer depends entirely on whom you ask.  Nevertheless, it’s become evident over the years that magic mushrooms are indeed going mainstream.

A Close Competitor for Cannabis?

Marijuana has been one of the most popular naturally-occurring drugs on the face of the Earth since the dawn of mankind. One of the main reasons for weed’s popularity and widespread adoption is its extensive range of therapeutic applications.

Increasingly, cannabis users worldwide are turning to marijuana with more on their minds than simply getting high. The recreational cannabis market is staggering in terms of both size and value, but it’s nonetheless the therapeutic side of weed that’s made it an incomparable success story.

In which case, there’s justification for attempting psilocybin as a close competitor for cannabis. Psilocybin is the active psychedelic agent found in a variety of magic mushrooms and truffles, which has traditionally been consumed for recreational purposes.

However, the more we learn about psilocybin, the greater its theorized therapeutic potential becomes. From anxiety to depression to OCD to issues with confidence and self-esteem, psilocybin may be an effective natural treatment for any number of mental health issues.

Importantly, magic mushrooms have also been linked with higher success rates where patients are attempting to kick dangerous habits and addictions. Smoking cessation and combating opioid addiction in particular may be assisted with the measured intake of psilocybin.

The Path to Legalization

Worldwide, different jurisdictions have entirely different takes on the legality or otherwise of psilocybin. In some places like the United Kingdom, it was legal until relatively recently – sold in countless ‘head shops’ and online by thousands of vendors. Today, it’s completely prohibited and could land you in jail if you’re busted selling the stuff.

In Canada, it’s an entirely different story. Psilocybin (and various forms of magic mushrooms and truffles) can be legally sold by licensed and regulated dispensaries. The segment of the market as a whole isn’t regulated or scrutinized nearly as heavily as the legal cannabis market, meaning alterations to local or national policy could be ushered in at any time.

In the meantime, the legalization of psilocybin continues to fuel its growth in popularity. The more widely available it is, the more prevalent its use. More importantly, controlled legal sales and distribution ensure that the psilocybin products sold by established dispensaries are of the highest possible quality and safety standards.

Far safer and more reassuring than buying from the black market, or attempting to grow your own at home.

Clinical Research and Scientific Studies

This is where things get particularly exciting. While research into the potential benefits of psilocybin is still at a rudimentary level, early indications are providing grounds for optimism. In fact, some are heralding psychedelic as the single most important area of research into therapeutic substances in decades.

One of the main areas of research into psychedelics concerns the potential for substances like psilocybin to provide relief from depression. The recently opened ‘Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research’ at Johns Hopkins University is fronting the research, focusing primarily on how it could be used for treating addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Alzheimer’s, and depression.

Scientists are interested in the way in which psilocybin and other psychedelics perfect communication processes within the brain, which could potentially alleviate the effects of countless psychological health problems.

Several other universities and research centers have likewise launched long-term studies into the potential benefits of psilocybin. With each new study launched, confidence in psilocybin’s potential across the scientific community grows.

A Safe Approach to Self-Medicating

Perhaps most importantly of all, the growing popularity of psilocybin is attributed to the fact that it’s considered one of the safest drugs of its kind on Earth. Even when consumed on a regular basis, there are no indications that psilocybin causes any immediate or lasting damage to the human body.

Only one fatality has been ever directly linked with the ingestion of magic mushrooms, though the individual in question had a series of underlying health issues. From a purely scientific perspective, psilocybin is considered exponentially safer than most prescription drugs, alcohol, caffeine and even household salt!

Of course, common sense plays a role in the safe and responsible intake of psilocybin, as part of an otherwise healthy lifestyle. In addition, it’s the responsibility of the user to ensure they’re an appropriate candidate for psychedelics.

If, for example, you have a history of panic attacks or frantic paranoia, it’s probably best to give psychedelics a miss entirely.

But when it comes to the alleviation of mild to moderate stress, depression and even anxiety, psilocybin is apparently working wonders for more people than ever before.

If psilocybin continues its current course, it’s easy to envisage a future where magic mushrooms are just as popular and widely used as therapeutic cannabis.

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Microdosing Guide

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Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

Essential Guide to Microdosing