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Perceptions of Time When People Microdose

Perceptions of Time When People Microdose - Microcybin

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Microdosing in Canada has become no less than a lifestyle choice for millions.  Ask those who are into microdosing psilocybin what they get out of it and you’ll find a whole bunch of familiar themes.

Relief from depression, reduced anxiety, a perfect all-day mood-boost – microdosing mushrooms is popular for a long list of reasons.

Still, anyone planning to experiment with magic mushrooms in Canada for the first time should do so with a certain amount of caution. Microdosing psilocybin isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to ensure that those first few doses are taken at the right time, in the right place and with the right people.

In this brief introductory microdosing guide, we’ll be taking a look at a few important pointers for newcomers to hallucinogens.

How Much Psilocybin to Take the First Time

Dosage guidelines vary significantly from one product to the next. As a general rule of thumb, newcomers are advised to check the seller’s guidelines carefully and perhaps step things down slightly. For example, if the recommendation is 1g or 1.5g of shrooms, maybe try .5g to get started with. There’s no rush, as you can always step things up later.

Pushing things too far with your first dose isn’t recommended, as you’re yet to learn how your body and brain reacts to psilocybin.

How Often to Microdose as a Newcomer

If things go to plan, most psilocybin users advise microdosing 2 to 3 times a week at the most – ideally outside working hours. Though again, it depends entirely on what you expect to get out of the whole thing.

Microdosing has a long list of therapeutic and recreational applications – both of which open the door to long-term experimentation. But in all instances, keeping things limited to around 2 to 3 times per week is advisable.

Different People React in Different Ways

What’s important to remember is that given people react in different ways to all different types of drugs. The same also applies to quantities, as what’s completely ineffective for one person could send somebody else over the edge.

Under no circumstances should you base your habits on those of anyone else. You need to slowly and sensibly determine what works for you, before taking things to the next level. And should it come to be that psilocybin really isn’t for you, don’t try to persuade yourself that it is! Some people love it, others aren’t fond of the effect at all – no responsible manufacturer would ever attempt to persuade you otherwise.

Don’t Microdose for The First Time Alone

Some first timers instinctively assume that the most sensible way of experimenting with psilocybin is to do so alone. You’re better off in your own company while you get used to the whole thing, just as long as you are in a safe and comfortable environment.

In reality, this can be a recipe for disaster. You should think about having at least one other person with you for the duration, who will either abstain from psilocybin or who has enough experience with it to remain in total control.  This is because you need somebody in the vicinity to help and reassure you, in the unlikely event that you have a bad experience.

This also means thinking carefully about choosing the right people to have with you at the time. It needs to be someone who’s responsible enough for you to count on, someone who isn’t going to attempt to persuade you to take more than you are comfortable with and someone who isn’t going to get so high they’re neither use nor ornament.

Set the Right Mood and Tone

You may find that your sensory perceptions are altered after taking even a small quantity of psilocybin. As a result, you need to ensure that your surroundings are appropriate.

The ideal environment to experiment with psilocybin for the first time is a comfy lounge or bedroom, with relaxing music playing in the background and not too many distractions around you. It’s also a good idea to remove any potential obstacles from the immediate space around you, as your altered perceptions may increase the likelihood of tripping or falling as you adjust to the whole thing.

It’s also advisable to turn off your phone, close the curtains and generally create a comforting cocoon of sorts, safe from the distractions and interruptions of the real world.

Never Mix Substances

Last but not least, one of the biggest mistakes made by many newcomers to psilocybin is that of experimenting for the first time while under the influence of something else. It’s understandable why this happens – you have a few beers, you find yourself feeling the urge to experiment and your confidence gets the better of you.

Unfortunately, mixing psilocybin with alcohol (or any other substance) can lead to a cumulative effect that’s anything but pleasant. In addition, you’ll have absolutely no idea how your body reacts to psilocybin, as the entire experience will be tainted by whatever else you’ve been consuming. Hence, the whole thing will be a waste of time – if not a dangerous endeavor.

Whether it’s your first time of your thousandth time, microdosing is really something that should only ever be done solo. Bringing alcohol and other substances into the equation will have a major impact on the effects of the psilocybin, which could steer things in a potentially dangerous direction.

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Essential Guide to Microdosing
Microdosing Guide

Download the

Essential Guide to Microdosing

Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

Essential Guide to Microdosing