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First Month Bundle

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Introducing The First Month Bundle – a transformative fusion of Microcybin® and Receptor Cleanse, meticulously crafted to unlock your cognitive potential.

Microcybin® harnesses the power of Psilocybin and adaptogens, promoting mental clarity, enhanced cognition, and elevated mood. Paired with Receptor Cleanse, designed to flush, clean, and replenish receptors on your days off, this bundle ensures optimal efficiency in your microdosing protocol.

Whether you’re looking to increase your productivity at work, or simply want to experience life with a clearer mind, The First Month Bundle is your key to a brighter, more focused future.



Microcybin has harnessed the power of Psilocybin, Nature’s perfectly engineered Master Nootropic compound to promote grounding, rewiring and cognitive enhancement.

1 Month (Regular)

Receptor Cleanse

Receptor cleanse is the perfect addition to any microdose regiment,  specifically formulated too flush, clean and replenish the receptors on days off and increase the efficiency of your microdose by up to 30%

1 Month (30% OFF)

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Gluten Free


GMO Free

Microcybin® Genesis

Quantity: 1 Bottle

Microcybin Genesis cleans and enhances the communication in the brain (with the support of Lion’s Mane), balances the mineralization of the body (with the support of Shilajit) and contains all the building blocks necessary to promote life-changing neuroplasticity.

125mg – Psilocybe Cubensis
125mg – Lions Mane
50mg – Shilajit

Receptor Cleanse

Quantity: 1 Bottle

Receptor cleanse is the perfect addition to any microdosing regiment, specifically formulated too flush, clean and replenish the receptors on your days off and increases the efficiency of your microdose by up to 30%.

80mg – 5HTP
80mg – Korean Fermented Ginseng
50mg – Ashwagandha
50mg – Bacopa
50mg – L-Phenylaline

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  1. Ronda

    Microdosing Microcybin Genesis has transformed my daily experience in ways I never thought possible. The clarity of mind and sense of calm it brings have made every moment more vibrant and meaningful. With anxiety no longer holding me back, I feel much more present at work and with my family! Thank you Microcybin for such a game-changing product!

    Image #1 from Ronda
  2. Sean P.

    Since starting with these products I’ve noticed a significant increase in stability and resilience. I feel like I can just navigate life’s ups and downs much better. It’s like having a steady anchor in the storm of life.

    Image #1 from Sean P.
  3. Darren

    Since incorporating Microcybin Genesis and the Receptor Cleanse into my routine, my focus has reached new heights while my anxiety levels has absolutely plummeted of late. Super thankful for these medicines. Tasks that used to throw me into overwhelm now seem way more manageable. It’s amazing how much more I can accomplish when my mind is at peace.

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