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Best Productivity Microdose - Microcybin® FLOW

LSD Microdosing

(28 customer reviews)

Microcybin Flow is meticulously crafted for those seeking an energized flow state without the jitters of stimulants. This unique premium formulation is designed to effortlessly open the creative channels of your brain, empowering you to conquer tasks that stand in your way. Discover your focus, unparalleled productivity, and overcome challenges associated with ADHD and pain. Whether you’re pushing the boundaries of innovation, striving for athletic excellence, or creating masterpieces, Microcybin Flow is tailored to elevate your journey.


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Gluten Free


GMO Free

LSD Microdosing Essential Ingredients

150ug/15ml (30 – 60 Doses)

Genesis LSD-25

High quality synthesized original LSD formula.

Structured Silver 10 ppm

A natural preservative and a component in our formula to improve conductivity through the nervous system and cells creating synergy with the Microcybin LSD Flow.

Programmed distilled Water

Using distilled water and programming it with natural perpetual life frequencies using light, orgone cannons and sound technologies.
Microdosing LSD and Pain Tolerance

Microdosing LSD For Pain Tolerance

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Outlook On the Brain Studies with LSD

Investigating alterations in brain activity caused by mind-altering chemicals like LSD is a potent tool for probing and understanding how the mind interacts with the brain by linking unique psychological events to their

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28 reviews for LSD Microdosing

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  1. Kathy Lawrence

    Dialed in focus and productivity, noticing trading patterns and has been a secret formula to success. I’ve got a busy life and looking at screens all day and markets and the emotional roller coaster or markets can confuse even the best traders. My emotions are absolutely dialed in and it’s like I can view from this higher perspective of what other traders and the market is thinking. This 2 bottles together have made me more money in one week than I did all of last year!

    Image #1 from Kathy Lawrence
  2. Stacey

    Flow is an incredible product. After utilizing it for quite a few months now, it is my #1 choice. Benefits I have been experiencing include energy, focus, well-organized collection of thought, and most noticeable increase in short-term memory.

    Image #1 from Stacey
  3. Trevor Dillman

    Trevor Dillman

    This review is long overdue, but I figured I should give an update on my journey of microdosing LSD for the last few weeks. Two words: Game changer.

    I’ve been following a schedule of dose Sundays and Wednesdays (refraining from Genesis at the moment), and it has not only got rid of my cravings to smoke (fell off the wagon a few months back after having quit for 4 years), but my mental performance as far as focus, engagement and memory have all benefited! Highly recommend!

  4. Gus

    LSD Flow is fantastic. Very different experience from the mushroom microdoses. The mushrooms feel more healing in my opinion but this gives me so much energy all day. Flow is such a fitting name, seems like no matter what task I set my mind on I can just click in and get it done.

    Image #1 from Gus
  5. David.E

    I used to drink SO much coffee and smoke quite a bit of weed through the day, but since adding Flow to my routine, i have my morning coffee and i dont crave it through the day nor do i feel the need or desire to smoke weed until evening. Ive tried everything under the sun otherwise to try and cut back on my coffee and weed consumption, nothing has actually done the job like Flow has 😄

  6. Daniel

    I have been using this LSD microdose for about a month now and I love it. I play a bunch of video games, mainly League of Legends. When I take this, the creative flow state I can drop into improves my gameplay like crazy!

    • microadmin

      Thank you for the feedback! We have been testing this space for some time and it’s interesting to hear your opinion on this. Could you email us and tell us more about your experience so we can record this in our database.

  7. Leo M.

    Took a while to kick in, took about two weeks to start to notice it.. I took double the recommended dose and boy did I feel good. Playing 18 and had the best shots, made a birdie. Have to say i was super focused and felt really good and positive, even when things didn’t go the way I planned, it was like new solutions just appeared. Very much felt like that limitless movie lol. Great product will order again

  8. Nate O.

    Helped me break through some mental barriers. I feel more creative and free-flowing in my thoughts.

  9. Jack K.

    I was worried about potential side effects, but it’s been smooth sailing. It’s a gentle boost to my day.

  10. Ivy

    Helped me manage stress better

  11. Hank I.

    I’ve been more patient, more focused, and overall more positive since starting this. It’s subtle but noticeable.

  12. Grace Harrison

    Took a leap of faith with this product, and I’m glad I did. It’s been a great addition to my wellness routine.

  13. Eva Fitzgerald

    Been on this for a month. The clarity and focus are unreal. Highly recommend.

  14. Quentin R.

    The mental clarity is unparalleled. I feel more present and engaged in my daily tasks.

  15. Patricia Q.

    I’ve rediscovered a sense of calm and balance. LSD Flow has been a pleasant addition to my routine.

  16. Zane Anderson

    It’s like a gentle nudge in the right direction. I’ve been more focused and energized.

  17. Yara Z.

    Been on this for a few weeks. I feel more in tune with my surroundings and more present in my daily tasks.

  18. Kylie L.

    Noticeable clarity in my thoughts. Truly impressed with LSD Flow.

  19. Katherine M.

    I’ve found a new sense of calm since starting LSD Flow. It’s subtle, but I feel more grounded.

  20. Liam Anderson

    The mental clarity is unreal. Highly recommend.

  21. Zachary B.

    The structured silver is a unique touch. I’ve noticed a boost in my overall well-being.

  22. Wanda W.

    I’ve rediscovered my love for art and music. Everything feels more profound.

  23. Uma Underwood

    It’s like a mental yoga session. I feel more flexible and open in my thinking.

  24. Tristan T.

    No more afternoon slumps for me. Sustained energy and focus all day.

  25. Derek Smith

    I feel more present in every moment. It’s subtle but profound.

  26. Charlie Davidson

    Been on this for two weeks. I feel more present in my daily tasks. The structured silver is a nice touch.

  27. Aaron Brooks

    Started using LSD Flow a month ago. The clarity and focus are unreal. Highly recommend.

  28. Tomas

    This product is freaking amazing!

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