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Macrodose for Emotional Processing

Macrocybin Heal

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Macrocybin Heal is for those who seek to go within themselves on a journey of self-discovery and emotional reflection. This is our most gentle macrodose however this expertly formulated medicine will facilitate deep healing, promote emotional release, and provide insights that can lead to lasting change. Whether you’re on a quest for personal growth or in need of  reflection and recalibration, Macrocybin Heal offers a safe and supportive space for transformation and renewal.


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3 Essential Ingredients

All capsules are manufactured under strict GMP compliance and evenly mixed for consistency in absorption with pharmaceutical-grade equipment; tested and safe to consume.

Albino Avery's (Psilocybin)

A truly beautiful mushroom, a gentle but potent embrace that allows you to go within and heal. A gentle but potent embrace that allows you to go within and heal. Open yourself to truth and introspection with this mushroom and energies will be cleared by what appears to us as a divine feminine spirit.

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Cacao can help fight fatigue and may be able to provide a boost to magnesium levels boost mental health and reduce oxidative stress with antioxidants contains the natural stimulant theobromine to boost energy.

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Maca protects our adrenals and provides strength from within and can return your body back to a strong and resilient balance, particularly during times of chronic stress.

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Dosage Guides

We developed Macrocybin Heal for those looking to go a little deeper without having to consume raw mushrooms from an unknown source and unknown potency.

1 or 3 capsules would be a creative happy dose and 3 to 5 opens the doors to a psychedelic experience which can result in a lot of laughs and a new introspection on life accompanied by some mild to moderate visuals. The addition of Cacao and Maca to the formula was done based on our research and development in product testing; we concluded that the unique synergy of this combination allowed the user more control of their experience. In other words, they acted as a type of support or guide allowing the user to understand and interact with the
experience, rather than the experience just happening to them. This allows the user to take much more away and not be concerned with losing control.

We suggest you plan to have a safe and controlled environment to avoid any unnecessary fear or anxiety sometimes associated with heavier doses. Although we have designed the capsules to allow you to work your way up or dive right in for more experienced users.

We recommend you do not mix these products with other drugs and/or alcohol. This diminishes the effects and can cause unwanted side effects. We also recommend you do not take Macrocybin Heal unless completely off all prescription medications, have a proper protocol to taper off before or have consulted with a professional.

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Mild Experience

1 to 3 capsules
microcybin medium exp 500x100 1

Medium Experience

3 to 5 capsules
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Full Experience

6 to 8 capsules

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12 reviews for Macrocybin Heal

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  1. Benjamin B.

    Being a retiree, I enjoy the moments of reflection this product offers. It’s a journey down memory lane of all the good times and tough times that came in life. Although when revisiting, you leanrn things you didn’t pay attention to before, there is almost a lightness to your memories as if you were watching a film.

  2. Yasmine Wong

    As a mother of three, I cherish my moments of solitude and reflection. Macrocybin Heal offers me a peaceful escape for me and a way to process my days with little sleep. As for the company, great support and very experienced. A feeling of trust and compassion is there💗

  3. Tara

    Heal is one my favorite formulas to work with.. The regular macro is very good, but the heal seems to speak to your soul and I did a lot of crying… After i knew why and am so thankful for this medicine and this company.

  4. Samuel S.

    The combination of ingredients provides a sense of calm and introspection. It’s become a staple in my self-care routine.

  5. PetersonFamily

    I was pleasantly surprised by the profound yet controlled experience. It’s a masterfully crafted formula 10/10

  6. Kevin1990

    The depth of experience with this product is unparalleled. It’s a journey of introspection and peace.

  7. Janna

    introduced several of my girlfriends to Macrocybin Heal one night.. very magical, We’ve never been so close. Cried together, laughed and feel asleep on top of each other in our pjs’… So much love for this medicine. The world needs more of this in these weird times

  8. Hannah Harrison

    Life changing with my husband. We took this on a saturday night and really connected about our issues and really renewed our deep love for each other. Very much recommend for couples that need to connect more. Great experience ordering, fast shipping and customer support. Was referred by a friend.

  9. Cara Davidson

    I’ve found a new favorite in Macrocybin Heal. The experience is both profound and gentle.

  10. Xena X.

    I love how it complements my relaxation rituals. It’s the perfect addition to a quiet evening.

  11. Victor V.

    Macrocybin Heal is more than just a product; it’s an experience. Every aspect, from the ingredients to the packaging, reflects quality and care.

  12. Rachel R.

    Shared this with my partner during a weekend getaway. It added depth to our bonding and conversations.

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