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Microcybin® Pro

Unlock more nuanced cognitive enhancements with Microcybin Pro. This is our proprietary formula enriched with Niacin to promote deeper absorption of Psilocybin, leading to an increase in overall mood and wellness.


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Inspired by Paul Stamets‘s stacking formula for regulated neurogenesis (new connections in the brain), much like our original compound promoting cognitive enhancement and effectively treating depression anxiety and PTSD while promoting overall mental health.

*This is the Pro Version, it includes an ingredient called Niacin(vitamin b3), this may cause flushing and is not recommended for your first time if you do not have experience with it in other products. Flushing is is a very healthy action, please see below for more information.

Psilocybe Cubensis

Although many believe that most magic mushrooms strains have similar effects on the user; this is not always true. In our research, we have found multiple different properties from the various strains and growing conditions of the cubensis, each with unique qualities and attributes that synergistically work with other stacking agents for specific results. 

We have purposely formulated our Microcybin to maximize and benefit our intentions for use.

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Hericium Erinaceus

Modern research has discovered that Lion’s Mane extract enhances the production of nerve growth factor (NGF). 

This is a protein that, in the brain, plays a critical role in the survival and function of neurons responsible for attention, arousal, motivation, memory, and consciousness. Increasing levels of NGF are shown to enhance memory, learning, and when combined with Psilocybin, pattern recognition. 

Biohackers and high-performers are starting to use Microcybin Pro for this purpose.

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Niacin (Vitamin B3)

*May Cause Flushing(See Niacin Flush)

As an essential human nutrient, niacin acts by triggering a response which causes the capillaries to expand increasing blood flow, allowing our formula to travel to deeper parts of the brain and body. Niacin is also known to lower cholesterol, ease arthritis and boost brain function.

It is an important nutrient that every part of your body needs to function properly. It plays a large role in cell signaling and making and repairing DNA in your body. The brain uses niacin as a part of coenzymes NAD and NADP to improve energy and boost brain function, among other benefits.

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Shilajit is a blackish-brownish resin rich in minerals and has been used in some traditional herbal medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, Sperm Count and Motility, Chronic Pain, and Blood Chemistry.

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Niacin Flush

The main reason we use niacin in our Microcybin Pro formula is for its property of causing the small blood vessels (capillaries) to increase in size. This allows up to twice as much circulation through which nourishes the cells, removes toxins and delivers the Microcybin formula deeper and more efficiently to specific parts of the brain.

It is actually a very healthy action of niacin. Prostaglandin D2 has been identified as the molecule that naturally causes niacin flushing, this is a mechanism thought to have heart-protective properties. In any case, Niacin is a vitamin that has a “getting used to” level. In other words, the first time you take niacin you may or may not get a flush. 

If you do, the flush usually continues to the second and third day, but by the fourth day, the flush will discontinue and thereafter until the cycle is interrupted for a longer period of time.

Our preformulated plant-derived neuro-medicine and cognitive enhancer contain a blend of psilocybin Golden Teacher cubensis mushroom and a specially mixed Amazonian cubensis mushroom. Grown organically in our labs and manufactured with pharmaceutical-grade equipment, with quality and conscious intent.

All capsules are manufactured under strict GMP compliance and evenly mixed for consistency in absorption with pharmaceutical grade equipment; tested and safe to consume.

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