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Athletic Performance Microdose

Microcybin® SPORT

(28 customer reviews)

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts, meet your new secret weapon: Microcybin® Sport. Engineered for peak performance, this Psilocybin formulation improves your mind-muscle connections, helps to increase your endurance, sharpen your focus, and accelerate recovery. Whether you’re hitting the gym, running a marathon, or competing at the highest level, Microcybin® Sport is designed to help you push your limits and achieve new personal bests. Get ready to break records and conquer your goals with Microcybin® Sport.


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Gluten Free


GMO Free

Microcybin SPORT Essential Ingredients

Malabar (Psilocybin)

Mind muscle connection
Exotic appearance
Strong resistance to contamination

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Improves exercise performance and increases cellular ATP
An adaptogen to help the body cope with stress
Increases natural production of antioxidants

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Greenbean Coffee

Green coffee beans from the Coffea fruit which have not yet been roasted increase energy, endurance and elevate mood improvements, can help balance your brain’s serotonin levels

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The amino acid that combats anxiety and sleep issues.
Can help relieve anxiety and reduce effects of stress.
Can help protect memory & cognition

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Mineral/ tar like substance that comes from mountain crevices in the Himalayas and tibet mountains.

Increases the mitochondria within the body which serves as the power source to your cells, commonly used to enhance athletic performance, promotes brain health and neuroprotective activity.

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28 reviews for Microcybin® SPORT

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  1. Grace Daniels

    My anxiety is basically gone. If I have to do something I go do it and get it done and l’m much more open to talking to people and listening better in the conversation. Being more of myself. Focused on myself and not what other people think, which I have struggled with.
    It’s been awesome

  2. Scott

    Hey! This is random, but I used Adam’s code to order Microcybin sport & I have been using them for the past couple of workouts. I haven’t needed my preworkout and that’s a huge thing for me. I love how focused it makes me during my workout and how energized it makes me feel. I struggle with anxiety, and definitely some undiagnosed add.
    Loving it so far! Thought I’d provide some feedback and. Review for a great product!

  3. Karl H.

    My boxing sessions feel more intense. I feel sharper and more in tune with every punch.

  4. Ivan F.

    Those grueling marathon training sessions? They’ve become more manageable. I feel ready for race day.

  5. Holly E.

    My pilates sessions have transformed. I feel stronger and more flexible.

  6. Felicity C.

    My golf game has improved. I feel more focused, and my swings are more precise.

  7. Eli B.

    Those long mountain treks? They feel like a breeze now. The stamina boost is real.

  8. Aaron X.

    I used to get tired during my kickboxing sessions. Now, I feel unstoppable.

  9. Uriah R.

    I used to dread leg day. Now, I feel like I can squat the world.

  10. Tasha Q.

    My yoga sessions? Transformed. I’ve never felt so connected to my breath.

  11. Rita O’Connell

    After a week, my morning runs felt different. It’s like running on a cloud.

    Image #1 from Rita O'Connell
  12. Franklin C.

    Every rep, every set feels more meaningful. It’s like my body and mind are working in perfect harmony.

    Image #1 from Franklin C.
  13. Derek A.

    For those who think they’ve peaked, think again. This might be the boost you’ve been looking for.

  14. Zachary W.

    I’ve broken through barriers I didn’t even know existed. My workouts have transformed, and I owe it all to this formula.

  15. Xavier U.

    For those intense weightlifting sessions, this has been my secret weapon. I feel more connected to every lift.

  16. Wendy Thompson

    As a professional athlete, I’m always on the lookout for an edge. This formula is it. The mental clarity is unparalleled.

  17. Lily H.

    The L-Theanine helps with my anxiety, especially before big races. A must-have for any athlete.

  18. Ian E.

    The synergy between muscle and mind is real. My workouts have never been better.

  19. Hannah D.

    The Cordyceps ingredient is a game-changer. I feel more energized and ready for any challenge.

  20. Fiona B.

    I’ve set new personal records ever since I started with Microcybin Sport. The endurance boost is real.

  21. Victoria Simmons

    The L-Theanine helps with my anxiety, especially before big races. A must-have for any athlete.

  22. Steven Phillips

    The blend of ingredients is just right. I’ve noticed improved stamina and better focus during my sessions.

  23. Fiona D.

    The Shilajit ingredient promotes brain health, and I can feel the difference. My cognitive functions have improved.

  24. Oliver U.

    The Greenbean Coffee ingredient keeps me energized during my long runs. A game-changer for sure.

  25. Sam Q.

    I’ve always struggled with focus during my workouts. This product has changed that. I’m more present and aware.

  26. Anna B.

    I’ve noticed faster reaction times during my games. This product is a game-changer for athletes.

  27. Jake Thompson

    Microcybin Sport has truly enhanced my workouts. The mind-muscle connection is unreal. Highly recommend!

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