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Best Meditation Microdose

Microcybin® ZEN

(16 customer reviews)

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding moments of tranquility can be challenging. Microcybin® Zen is your sanctuary in a bottle, crafted to guide you into a state of tranquility and inner peace within yourself and your surroundings. This unique Psilocybin formulation helps to alleviate stress, promote a positive mood, and enhance your overall sense of well-being. Embrace the serenity, feel the flow of energy in stillness, and let Microcybin® Zen guide you to a state of peaceful mindfulness.


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Microcybin Zen Essential Ingredients

Albino Avery (Psilocybin) (125mg)

Microcybin Zen has been designed and formulated to put you in a state of tranquility and inner peace with yourself and your surroundings, It will help you achieve a level of self-mastery and self-realization. This formula will help ease you into your ZEN state

Albino Avery (Psilocybin)

A gentle but potent embrace that allows you to go within and heal. Open yourself to truth and introspection with this mushroom and energies will be cleared by what appears to us as a divine feminine spirit.

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Acts as a normalizing substance and helps regulate cellular functions including hormonal, immune, cardiovascular, central nervous and digestive systems. They help lower inflammation within blood vessels and arteries while also restoring hormonal balance. A type of plant that help combat stress by stabilizing physiological processes and maintaining homeostasis.

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Herb, helps chemical imbalances in the brain has been shown to improve memory has over 160 plant based chemical compounds that act as antioxidants in your body.

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Herb, supports reproductive system encourages circulation. Taking Shatavari on a regular basis can help to combat mood swings easily.

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16 reviews for Microcybin® ZEN

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  1. Chrissy

    Microcybin Zen has been a revelation. In the midst of life’s chaos, it’s been my little oasis of calm and clarity.

  2. Hank R.

    From the first use, I felt a difference. It’s been a cherished part of my evenings ever since.

  3. Frank M.

    I’ve been recommending this to everyone I know. It’s subtle but has a profound impact.

  4. Derek T.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of relaxation I felt. It’s not just another product; it’s an experience.

  5. Faye Nicholson

    From the first use, I felt a difference. The days seem brighter, challenges more manageable, and there’s a newfound sense of peace that I cherish.

  6. Dana Thompson

    I’ve tried various products over the years, but this one stands out. Not only does it help me relax, but it also provides a clarity that’s hard to describe. Truly transformative.

  7. Yara Thompson

    I’ve been on the hunt for something to help with daily stresses. Microcybin Zen has been a pleasant discovery.

  8. Nate Thompson

    Microcybin Zen has been a gentle companion during some challenging times. It’s a touch of serenity when I need it most.

  9. Eva M.

    I was gifted this by my sister, and it’s been a pleasant surprise. The days seem brighter, and challenges more manageable.

  10. Penny Henderson

    I run a daycare, and while I love the kids, it can be hectic. This product is my little escape, helping me find moments of peace in my day.

  11. Clara Kim

    I’ve struggled with anxiety for years. While this isn’t a cure, it’s a tool that’s helped me find moments of peace. The Sage ingredient resonates with me.

  12. Tanya Nicholson

    I was wary given some mixed reviews online, but for me, Microcybin Zen has been fantastic. It’s like a mental reset button. The Shatavari ingredient is a game-changer.

  13. Steve K.

    Took a while to notice the effects, but once it kicked in, it was amazing. The clarity and peace of mind are noticeable. Just wish it was a tad cheaper.

  14. Catherine L

    I was initially drawn to Microcybin Zen because of the Reishi and Sage ingredients. Not only do I feel more balanced, but my memory seems sharper too. Highly recommend.

  15. Brian T

    The ingredients in this product, especially the Albino Avery, have made a noticeable difference in my daily meditation. It’s easier to go deep and truly introspect.

  16. Anna K

    I’ve been using Microcybin Zen for a few weeks now, and it’s truly transformative. The tranquility and peace I feel are unmatched. A must-try for anyone seeking inner calm.

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