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Psilocybin and Magic Mushrooms— A Global Guide to Legality and Decriminalization

Psilocybin and Magic Mushrooms - A Global Guide to Legality and Decriminalization

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Wondering where in the world you can find a medicinal mushroom dispensary? Or where you can just buy shrooms? Canada has come to your rescue.

Not only has Canada begun to allow mushroom dispensary online, they also have some fairly favorable legislation when it comes to the use and study of this substance. Psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, has been used for centuries as medicine with a particular focus on mental health maintenance and voyages. From shamanic ritual, to religious ceremony, and even coming of age quests, mushrooms have played a vital role in history when it comes to mental health.

And up until the 1960’s they played a key role in psychological evaluation of Westernized societies as well. Around that time, the War on Drugs was begun, and psilocybin, as well as a number of other potentially beneficial psychedelic substances had fallen through the cracks. Waking up to hidden potential, modern day society has begun to warm to the idea of microdosing, Canada among the forefront of the countries most invested in exploring it’s much needed potential.

The Difference Between Medicinal and Recreational

The difference between recreational use of a drug and medicinal use of a drug is something that has been philosophically debated for decades. While it might seem an easy distinction to make, in cases like psilocybin— the waters become incredibly murky. This is largely because of the properties of psilocybin itself, and the benefits that the substance offers users. Using mushrooms recreationally might mean using them because they are fun. But recreational mushroom use still has the potential to improve mental health and mood. Which could suggest that even used recreationally, this substance has medicinal benefit.

More than that, psilocybin is non-addictive, has an incredibly low abuse potential, and if taken too often, users can create such a tolerance that they will diminish the substance’s effect almost entirely. Which all contribute to any danger there might be in recreational use of the substance. With the inherent safety of psilocybin in mind, there is also mushroom capsule benefits that should be recognized. Mushroom capsules, often used for microdosing, really have one purpose: to aid in mental health recovery and improvement. These capsules are predosed, so “getting high” on them is unlikely, and also fully outside of their intended use.

What makes these capsules so revolutionary, specifically in countries like the US, is that they can be used as an effective and affordable way to help people better their lives. While the therapeutic potential of psilocybin has yet to be fully researched, this isn’t because of a lack of evidence for use. It’s because of historically racist and discriminatory political processes. Using Nixon-era anti-drug laws to continue to support prison slavery and block any useful scientific inquiry.

Understanding Microdosing

However, lawmakers and the people that elect them seem to be coming around to this reality. By the end of 2020, both Oregon and Colorado had put laws into place that protected anyone who chose to use psilocybin, particularly in small amounts without the intent to distribute or produce. While this isn’t technically counting psilocybin as legal— it does decriminalize possession, which is an important step into recognizing the potential that psilocybin, and the mushrooms that contain it, hold. Canada is not far behind, as it has decriminalized psilocybin and even turned a blind eye to medicinal mushroom dispensaries. Particularly those that are geared towards promoting microdosing.

But what is microdosing? And how do dispensaries, mushroom capsules, and a microdosing guide stand to help people get back on their feet during times of mental duress? Unfortunately, largely because of the archaic and prejudiced laws that still remain in place regarding most psychedelics, much of the necessary research required to back up the slew of personal reports and anecdotal claims that microdosing does indeed greatly improve mental wellbeing, isn’t available. Which means that it has yet to be scientifically proven to help.

Despite this lack of concrete evidence, millions are still choosing to microdose psychedelics and psilocybin in order to improve their mood and demeanor. Which, if these personal confessions are to be believed, even without the presence of trained medical professionals, microdosing psilocybin does seem to be of great support for those who need clarity regarding their mental health. Which could be proven in the future, should laws barring the study and testing of the substance continue to lift.

Where Mushroom Capsules Are Legal

Whether you’re taking a mushroom capsule, or going on DIY psychedelic journeys, it’s important to know and understand the laws surrounding the use of these powerful substances. Largely not only to protect your own personal safety, but also to ensure that conservative legislature doesn’t gain deeper footholds. There are a number of countries around the world where psilocybin is legal, and dozens more where it’s been decriminalized. The difference between the two is minimal, and largely has a greater effect with how mushrooms or mushroom capsules are sourced.

In many countries where the substance has been decriminalized, it is perfectly legal to sell spores or spore kits, allowing interested users in growing their own mushrooms. However, this does present a problem for individuals who are investing in creating a lasting and beneficial microdosing routine. As self-grown mushrooms can vary greatly in potency, and can be difficult to properly preserve, dose, and store. So if you live in a country that does offer a proper mushroom capsule dispensary, it’s always the best choice to go through these avenues for purchase.

This way you can guarantee how much psilocybin you can expect, and better tailor dosing schedules to need with this knowledge in hand. This being said, pay special attention to the laws that govern any country you live in as well as any country you may be purchasing supplies or capsules from, as laws and punitive consequence can vary greatly depending on geographical location.

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