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Sage in Microdosing


Sage is an herb that contains over 160 plant-based chemical compounds that act as antioxidants in your body. Chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, rosmarinic acid, ellagic acid and rutin — all found in sage — are linked to impressive health benefits, such as improved brain function and memory.

Sage can help support your brain and memory in several ways. Because it’s loaded with compounds that can act as antioxidants, it has been shown to buffer the brain’s defense system.

In healthy adults, sage was shown to improve memory in low doses. Higher doses also elevated mood and increased alertness, calmness and contentedness

It’s believed that compounds in sage have estrogen-like properties, allowing them to bind to certain receptors in your brain to help improve memory and treat hot flashes and excessive sweating. In one study, daily use of a sage supplement significantly reduced the number and intensity of hot flashes over eight weeks.


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