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The Best Microdosing Apps for Anyone Taking Psychedelics

The Best Microdosing Apps for Anyone Taking Psychedelics

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Looking to up the ante on your microdosing journey? Here are four apps that are changing the way that both users and researchers are looking at microdosing psilocybin.

What do magic mushrooms, Canada, and the iTunes App Store have in common? While these three things may seem wholly unrelated in almost all ways— they’re all looking for innovative ways to better support your mental health.  Microdosing and its vast and growing community of support, are making some serious waves, ones that are finally hitting the mainstream shore.

The act of taking super small amounts of psychedelic mushrooms in order to stave off stress, boost motivation, and help disperse those emotional thunderclouds has gained popular approval the world over; so much so, that there’s now purpose built apps to help better guide you through a microdosing journey. Hoping to not only quiet the mind and balance the emotions, but also to gain the all-important data needed to further the cause.

How Microdosing Psilocybin Works

Microdosing is a pretty rigorous system for most people genuinely interested in it for its neurological benefits. In order to microdose effectively, users need to establish their own tolerance for an appropriate dose and adhere to specific dosing schedules, only taking enough psilocybin to generate the desired neurological response, as opposed to hallucinations or having a full-on trip. These sub-hallucinogenic levels vary from user to user. Once the optimum dosage is figured out, the psilocybin is taken regularly for a period of time ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

The reason both dose and schedule are so important— not only for microdosers, but also for researchers— is because it helps them better track any neuro-emotional benefit. As the psilocybin interacts with the bodies’ serotonin and dopamine systems, fascinating things begin to happen in the brain and body. Ones that scientists still have yet put its finger on, which is why they need all the help from microdosers they can get.

What is known, however, has been reported by users and seen by professionals, shows some pretty great promise. Elevations of mood, increase in physical energy, dissolution of fear,  decrease in anxiety… and the list goes on. Researchers believe that because psilocybin interacts with the brain in a way that most traditional pharmaceuticals can’t, it’s not just something that makes the brain function more smoothly, but also may hold regenerative powers.

Microdosing Guide: Finding the Best Shroom Dispensary

It’s not only dose and schedule that matter however, but also the mushrooms themselves. Sounds fairly straightforward, but essentially microdosers need to gain access to mushrooms that can either be prepared at home, or come pre-dosed as a capsule. Grinding dried mushrooms at home can cause some anomalies in dose, as it’s difficult to get it on the nose because of natural variations in the shrooms’ potency.

Sourcing mushrooms for microdosing, Canada or elsewhere, you’ll want to either have a super reliable and trustworthy dealer, or find a reputable online dispensary. There is such a thing as a medicinal mushroom dispensary, so it simplifies finding a quality provider where you can buy shrooms. Canada is no exception. Making it much easier to set up a rock-solid microdosing schedule here than in most places.

If you’re outside of Canada though, you might run into some issues finding dispensaries or suppliers online. There are a number of companies worldwide that supposedly sell spores, but you’ll have to rely on trial and error as to the potency of their products and how best to preserve them. Troubles with drying practices can actually cause a loss of potency with magic mushrooms. Canada, on the other hand, offers a few decent dispensaries that will sell pre-portioned capsules, ideal for microdosing and with guaranteed active and quality ingredients— so if you live here, go there.

Why Use a Microdosing App?

This has to do with promotion of the integral schedule that goes along with beneficial microdosing, assisting to better utilize the psilocybin to its full potential. Taking a certain amount regularly not only helps to provide better data, but it also helps your body to familiarize itself with the process. Psilocybin is metabolized fairly quickly, so cumulative effects are a bit harder to track. A regularly scheduled dose may allow the body to reap the benefits of a macrodose, without needing to take it all at once or experience hallucinations.

Apps can help microdosers stick to a schedule, shore scientific inquiry, and also make the whole process way more enjoyable. So really, they’re a win-win. Choosing the best app definitely depends on the doser, but there is some variety out there. Whether you’re just looking for some gently guided mindfulness, excellent music for those good vibes, or hoping to help further the growing body of research, there’s absolutely an app for that.

Best Microdosing Apps

Microdose Me App

Perhaps the most valuable of all of the apps available right now, the app not only provides some foundation for anyone hoping to glean the most from their microdosing regimen, but it also helps researchers to collect necessary data on the phenomenon— something that could aid in solidifying the legalization and legitimization of microdosing. Canada has put two of its strongest think tanks— MAPS Canada and Quantified Citizen—  together to create a bit of tech that is designed both for microdosers and researchers alike. Looking toward making it a safer and more secure experience for those hoping to gain some mental clarity and further the psychedelic therapeutics cause.

Where the app really shines, is its ability to allow users to self-report in an anonymous way, while providing rigorous self-evaluation tools and surveys. Making it a more structured experience and a retrospective on the experience itself, as the anonymously provided data can be accessed at any time, either on the app or the microdose me website.

PsycheDev App

Another app made for microdosing mushrooms in Canada, PsycheDev pivots away from data collection and really firms up focus on making your microdosing experience the best possible. The app helps dosers to set intentions and create clear goals for themselves and what they’re looking to achieve through microdosing. Because PsycheDev was actually developed by mental health researchers and psychologists, the guided meditation and tools for emotional exploration are not only incredibly useful, but they’re also specialist approved. Through providing a soothing and relaxing experience, while still assisting a user through some pretty complicated emotional entanglement, the PsycheDev app can really help guide people through the most beneficial microdosing schedule for themselves, personally.

As most microdosers are looking to really focus on achieving more sustainable and balanced mental health habits, this app really can’t be beat in terms of creating accountability. Making it easy for users to work towards goals guided by some of the top mental health professionals in Canada.

Trip App

The trip app does so much more than just lend a hand to microdosers worldwide— it also is founded by individuals who have been fearlessly supporting the psychedelic therapy cause for years. Founder Ronan Levy has a long history of helping to build better infrastructure for the psychedelic community by spearheading a number of research centers and clinics all over the globe. Getting his start in medicinal cannabis use, the man and his team know a thing or two about how to really create a positive microdosing space.

These long standing community pillars have created an app that offers a musically enhanced microdosing guide. Where users will set their dosage strength, choose a program length, and set intentions. The app then tailors its music and visuals to these presets and helps to guide the user through the optimum experience they’re looking for. At the end of the program, users can then fill out an extremely comprehensive and science-backed emotional quiz— helping them to better categorize and communicate exactly how their little mini-trip was utilized.

Wavepaths App

Wavepaths is essentially where renowned psychologists, the best Spotify playlist, and stunning visuals meet. Collaborating with universities, doctors, and research centers around the globe, this app was created to really create an epic user experience, guiding anyone using psychedelic therapy through the wild wonderland of a trip— or a simple microdose. The app offers a series of deep listening, ambient musical selections, alongside relaxing and inviting visual representations of nature. Helping to keep us all at home, while still getting to “explore” places of natural beauty. The app also has the ability to work directly with any interested therapists, so if you have a certified mental health expert on your team, the app could help bridge the gap between your psychedelic treatment plan and your mental health team.

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Microdosing Guide

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Essential Guide to Microdosing

Heal trauma, overcome fear, improve performance and transform your life in just 90 days.

Essential Guide to Microdosing