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DEFAULT MODE NETWORK | Down-Regulating The Noise

Brain Noise
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The Default Mode Network is a portion of the brain that we tend to over self-program based on the inability to process sensations and emotional feedback from ourselves during events of past-traumas. We attach a type of program to the incomplete sensations in the form of a story which is reinforced by our internal belief systems. When we have multiple new events or triggers of these programs happen, we are unable to bypass the Default Mode Network because it is too Jammed with noise.

The Microcybin Formula down-regulates the over-programmed DMN and calms brain so we can begin to reprogram and fully process the thoughts that cause us to feel anxiety or depression in productive way. Allowing us to see new perspectives and not only understand, but adjust the way we respond.

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By switching off the Default Mode Network and down-regulating the Amygdala psilocybin increases brain connectivity.

The Psilocybin induces advanced neuro-communication between the right and left hemispheres, allowing more connections and synergy to share the benefits of both working together. This allows a clear and coherent transfer and processing of your thoughts and emotions as information.

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NEUROPLASTICITY | Reshaping The Brain

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Because the brain is “plastic”, when we start to change the environment of our brain and how we process and communicate information, this becomes a constant pattern the brain recognizes and it begins to rewire this way. We are able to use this opportunity to form new pathways that become permanent.

This is a natural process you do already, but it may be more challenging without the right knowledge. This is where people may get stuck in the addiction of healing through plant medicines without ever truly integrating. We are not here to just feel better, but understand the nuances of the human experience and be able to apply them to our own desires and life. This is why Microcybin Protocols are very important in your process.

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NEUROGENESIS | The Window of Opportunity


This along with the Psilocybin the formulations are developed to induce supportive and direct instruction to reinforce new pathways towards Neurogenesis. Because the brain and its new advanced state Neuroplasticity we can create new positive patterns that become permanent during the microdosing protocols.

We change the environment of the brain for 4-5 hours a day, down-regulate the over programmed DMN and being to process old patterns and reorganize them into the direction of new reinforced positive pathways.

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