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Outlook On the Brain Studies with LSD

Investigating alterations in brain activity caused by mind-altering chemicals like LSD is a potent tool for probing and understanding how the mind interacts with the …

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Microdosing LSD and Pain Tolerance

Microdosing LSD For Pain Tolerance

There has been a massive transformation in the use of LSD in recent years. Microdosing psychedelics like LSD has become more popular among professionals who …

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Link Between LSD and Athletic Performance

Examining The Link Between LSD and Athletic Performance

In recent times, the usage of psychedelics to improve athletic performance has grown increasingly prevalent. In the athletics field, taking psychedelics, especially microdosing, is popular …

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Psilocybin Improves Cognitive Fluency

How Psilocybin Can Help Improve Your Cognitive Fluency When You Need to

Creativity is a cognitive talent linked to all aspects of our daily lives, allowing us to adapt to a constantly changing environment and come up …

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Fun Activities to Do While Microdosing

Fun Activities to Do While Microdosing

Microdosing has plenty of wellness benefits that many people are increasingly tapping into. But that’s just one aspect of the fun of microdosing. There are …

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L-Phenylalinine Microdosing


The essential amino acid phenylalanine is a crucial compound absolutely vital for several aspects of health and plays a central role in maintaining normal growth …

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