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Why Psilocybin Mushroom Therapy in Canada Took a Step Forward

Why Psilocybin Mushroom Therapy in Canada Took a Step Forward - Microcybin

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Canada is world renowned for its progressive and open-minded approach to public health. Along with being the first of the G7 nations to legalize recreational cannabis back in 2018, Canada also has one of the world’s most liberal policies regarding microdosing and the consumption of magic mushrooms.

Not only is microdosing mushrooms in Canada extremely popular, but Canada also has one of the most extensive medicinal mushroom dispensary networks of any comparable country. You can even buy mushrooms in Canada online with a valid prescription for any required purpose.

But what’s particularly interesting about the microdosing scene right now is the way in which it is attracting the attention of doctors, researchers and public health authorities across the country. To such an extent, in fact, that some genuinely see magic mushrooms in Canada triggering an outright revolution in public health policy.

This is particularly true today, given the effects of the global pandemic and the fact that Canada continues to struggle with a national overdose crisis. There’s greater motivation than ever before among policymakers and the public to find and utilise safe, effective and widely available alternative medicines.

For those already microdosing in Canada, the answer to a long list of potential public health problems is relatively obvious.

Recently, Health Canada made the decision to expand its list of those who are able to possess, consume and prescribe products containing psilocybin. An increasingly popular option for the treatment of psychological health issues and various debilitating diseases, patients in growing numbers are actively requesting magic mushrooms as an alternative to conventional medications.

In any case, the fact that shrooms are so widely available in Canada is effectively giving physicians no alternative but to acknowledge their popularity and potentially beneficial effects. You can’t currently access magic mushrooms legally without a prescription, but they’re so prolific that they aren’t exactly difficult to track down, if you choose to do so.

All of the above is contributing to the rapid acceleration of research into the various benefits and applications of psychedelics like psilocybin. Mushroom therapy is still at a relatively remedial stage, but the fact that major public health bodies like Health Canada are broadening accessibility to psilocybin sends an important message.

It shows Canadians that the potential benefits of shrooms have been acknowledged and accepted, and that they’re being studied more intensively than ever before.

Why Psilocybin is Attracting the Attention of Experts

Some doctors remain reluctant to prescribe or recommend magic mushrooms due to a lack of formal scientific evidence. Nevertheless, anecdotal evidence suggests the consensus among users is practically unanimous.

What’s more, there are various known facts about the properties and potential benefits of magic mushrooms that can neither be denied or ignored. Examples of which include their high vitamin and mineral content, the antiviral properties of mushrooms, their huge antioxidant content and the fact that they are also a source of dietary fibre.

Away from their composition, the medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms have been renowned for thousands of years. It’s just that we haven’t yet reached a stage where extensive studies have backed what millions already know with formal scientific conclusions.

Nevertheless, those who advocate the use of psilocybin for therapeutic purposes believe it to be beneficial in the following ways:

Fighting Cancer

When consumed as part of a balanced diet and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle in general, some of the compounds found in magic mushrooms may have the potential to slow or even prevent the development of cancer cells. It’s not to say that mushrooms alone are an effective line of defence against cancer or even a powerful cancer treatment, but every little helps when attempting to ward off dangerous and potentially deadly diseases.

Boosting Your Immune System

The antioxidant content of magic mushrooms combined with a whole host of vitamins and minerals may also ‘prop up’ the immune system. Polysaccharides are also present in generous quantities in some types of mushrooms, which your immune system counts on to do its job properly. Again, something that could promote better health in general as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Improved Heart Health

The consumption of certain types of magic mushrooms may also benefit heart health, due to the presence of statins in their composition. This could suggest that the consumption of medicinal mushrooms may be beneficial for those with elevated cholesterol levels, who are often prescribed statins as a form of prescription medication.

Psychological Health Benefits

Perhaps the largest segment of those currently using magic mushrooms in Canada do so for the alleviation of various mental health conditions. Examples of which include acute and chronic anxiety, mild to moderate depression, chronic stress, mood swings and even PTSD. Research also suggests that magic mushrooms could be helpful for those struggling with addictions to more harmful substances like opioids.

Combating eating disorders

Lastly, there’s also strong evidence to suggest that sometimes a medicinal mushroom can prove helpful in the treatment or complete alleviation of eating disorders. Anorexia alone is known to affect millions of adolescents and adults across Canada, which if left untreated can have a devastating impact on the lives of those affected.

In Summary…

Canada is currently in a privileged position where both research and utilization of mushrooms as therapeutic products is concerned. Thankfully, public health authorities are using this privilege in a positive and proactive way, having acknowledged and accepted the potential benefits of magic mushrooms. Something that cannot be said for comparable G7 countries like the US and UK, where all forms of magic mushrooms are still illegal – even for therapeutic purposes.

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